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Company Information

Taiwan H.P.P. was established in 1997. It has been committed to research and development of environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly packaging along the way.

It has many years of foreign trade experience and sells Taiwan-made products to all over the world, and the traditional industry is internationalized.

Products from Taiwan H.P.P. serving tens of thousands of stores around the world, constantly launching new products. Regardless of appearance and structure, packaging is not only defined as packaging, but food clothing, so that the overall product is presented to customers. Combining industry resources from Taiwan, the United States, China, and Japan, continue to gather market information.

Taiwan H.P.P. is a Heart & Nova industry.


H: Honest serves customers with the most sincerely heart.

E: Eco-friendly actively invests in and develops environmentally friendly packaging, and contributes to the earth.

A: Attitude upholds a customer-oriented mentality, and customer interests are prioritized.

R: Reliable product quality and delivery time are checked, giving customers a reliable heart.

T: Thoughtful always considers customers and recommends suitable products.


N: Nonstop continuously invests in and develops new products.

: Original has originality and special new products.

V: Various diversified products are introduced to satisfy customers in various channels.

A: Accurate accurate and correct new market overview and information.