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Molded Pulp bowl

1. Product material: pulp

2. Product specifications:

250cc: (diameter) 110mm * (height) 45mm

300cc: (diameter) 115mm * (height) 50mm

350cc: (diameter) 135mm * (height) 50mm

500cc: (diameter) 155mm * (height) 55mm

600cc: (diameter) 155mm * (height) 60mm

850cc: (diameter) 175mm * (height) 50mm

850.cc with lid: (diameter) 175mm

(PP flat lid/OPS dome lid/OPS dome lid with U-shaped hole)


3. Packing:

250/300cc: 2400 pcs

350cc: 1200 pcs

500cc: 1000 pcs

600cc: 800 pcs

850cc: 600 pcs

175mm PP flat lid: 300 pcs

175mm OPS dome lid: 600 pcs

175mm OPS dome lid with U-shaped hole: 1200 pcs


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